Community Support

Raise money for your club

At Stumpy’s we love to give back to our community. We are offering local clubs and associations the opportunity to raise funds for their club.

It’s easy!!

We work with you to select a menu item/category that will be popular within your club, then, for the given period, usually one month, your club will receive an amount per product sold.

All you have to do is encourage all your members, their family and friends to come in and buy the chosen item within the time period, then your club receives a cheque at the end. They won’t be sorry our food is great and we have great product categories available!!!!

Summer examples:

  1. Family meals – Lasagnes, cottage pies, chicken crumbles, more coming all the time, serve approx. people.
  2. Pizzas – All the family favourites made for you, served hot or cold to take home as required.
  3. Individual meals – Huge range of curries, noodles, pasta dishes and more.
  4. Sausage rolls – Our already famous sausage rolls made fresh on the premises every day.
  5. Salads – Fabulous fresh and tasty ready made salads.
  6. Talk to us if there is a line of products that might be more appropriate to your members,

What could be easier??

We would love the opportunity to discuss these ventures with you and learn how we can tailor fundraising to suit the needs of your club. Contact Us to discuss how we can help your club today!

Make Your Order!

You don’t have to cook every night, Let us do the work for you.

We do all the work - all you have to do is take it home and put it in the oven then look like a star.

Packed full of fresh vegies and as many super foods as we can so your whole family will love them. There are new choices being offered all the time.

Check out the choices!


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