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The Stumpy's Story

Where it Started

In May 1999 Cathy, Sean, 2½ year old Zachary and 2 week old Emilya (Jaz) arrived in Brookton to begin their new life as proprietors of Stumpy's Roadhouse. At the time Stumpy's was a typical small wheatbelt town roadhouse it had been running for about 50 years, had a loyal, friendly customer base and they kept things ticking along, improving where they could.

In January 2008 they put a manager in the roadhouse and moved back to Perth for a break, Cathy pursued a career in politics and Sean got a job and for 18 months they concentrated on getting the kids settled in to schools and domestic bliss, in 2009 the decision was made to return to the roadhouse as they missed the country life.

On returning it became obvious that change was needed and so Cathy started designing new food options for the menu and healthier choices for their customers whilst at the same time they set about renovating and refurbishing the premises, the shop was gutted and refurbished, new fuel tanks installed and a swath of new equipment was installed in the kitchen replacing all the old gear with shiny new ones.

Once the renewal was completed they started casting about for new challenges and took up the lease on the café at the Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre, they have since settled in and are in the process of breathing new life into it with Cathy's innovative menus and their roadhouse experience.

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Who's behind all this

Cathy Wood

Cathryn Wood is a 5 star trained chef who has had extensive hospitality experience. For 15 years Cathryn was a chef working in a wide range of food outlets from hospitals to taverns to fine dining restaurants to mining camps including running the special diets kitchen at Princess Margaret Hospital. Cathryn was also a catering field officer for Hospitality Industry Apprenticeship Training Company where she oversaw the training and wellbeing of hundreds of hospitality apprentices. Then become a training officer to teaching many facets of the hospitality industry.

Cathryn then went on to work for Curtin University of Technology writing Healthy Catering training programs for their School of Public Health in a joint venture with the WA Health Department and Healthways. During this time Cathryn won the Vice Chancellor�s Award for excellence for service to the community.

As well as being a qualified chef Cathryn has a Bachelor Degree in Training and Development.

Sean grew up on a farm in our great southwest amongst some of the best farm produce in the world he attended Harvey Agricultural High School and went on to an apprenticeship and career with Telstra ending up in Media Services where he was involved in broadcasting local, national and International media events.

In 1999 with a toddler and the imminent birth of their second child Cathryn and Sean were the original �tree changers�. They bought the roadhouse and moved to the country. They transformed this roadhouse inside and out and turned it into the award winning regional hub that it is today.

Along the way Cathryn won the prestigious Telstra Business Women�s Award and recently Stumpy�s Roadhouse was awarded the Wheatbelt Business Network Choice Award at the Wheatbelt Business Excellence Awards.

In January 2016 Cathy, Sean and their 2 children, Zachary and Emilya, bought their famous Stumpy�s Brand to Perth when they took on the caf� at Terry Tyzack. In the short time they have been there they have seen the cafe go from strength to strength as more and more people realise how Stumpy�s can make their life easier and their community better.

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