The Stumpy's Story!

Stumpy's roadhouse is situated in the town of Brookton, 140 kms east of the city of Perth in Western Australia on the Brookton Highway.

The roadhouse was built in the mid 1950's by Arthur (Stumpy) Whittington and was originally known as Stumpy's Highway Hub as it was situated on the junction of the Brookton and Great Southern Highways.

Stumpy's has always been a landmark business in Brookton, at first because of its position and because Arthur was a local personality and afterwards because it had 'always' been there.

Stumpys by the pool - cafe, meals and catering in Inglewood and Mount Lawley Western Australia
Stumpys Gateway service station on Brookton Highway, Brookton


We've Gone Solar!

The guys out at the Roadhouse have now got Solar panels covering their roof. 

They're doing their bit for the environment and using up all that roof space for something useful.

Pictures to come.

New Sponsorship

Stumpy's Gateway Roadhouse is proud to announce it is now a Sponsor of UTVWA.

We headed over to Pingelly to witness one of their meets for the first time and it was beyond awesome. Definitely a group worth getting involved with.

Feel free to check them out over at

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